Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Much of the exceptional aerial footage for this futuristic fantasy was shot, appropriately, in Turkey. The incomprehensible storyline concerns a purifying wind which swept the polluted planet clean, leaving a detritus of nomadic pilots and wind-worshippers. Star warrior Hamill is surprisingly hard-edged as the lawman trying to bring renegade robot Peck to justice. Perhaps hoping to compensate for the atrocious dialogue, Paxton overacts wildly as a bounty hunter with an eye on the reward. For some reason, they all end up in an isolated community of wind-worshipping hippies, whose watchword seems to be 'Go fly a kite', by which time you'll wish you had. Religious leader Kingsley dies under a millstone, and F Murray Abraham pops up as the leader of a bunch of decadent aristos holed up in an abandoned museum. Sentiment runs rampant near the end, when Peck's android falls for the film's only credible character (David).


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Steven M Lisberger
Tony Kayden
Mark Hamill
Bob Peck
Bill Paxton
Kitty Aldridge
Eleanor David
Ben Kingsley
F Murray Abraham
Robbie Coltrane
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