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Time Out says

Stone looks distinctly ordinary in this glossy, glassy sex-thriller. She's an uptight book editor who moves into a fancy Manhattan high-rise (the sliver of the title). Neighbours include blocked crime novelist Berenger and smirking Baldwin. Both pursue her, but which is the blonde-fixated serial killer? If Basic Instinct played off Vertigo, Noyce's film would like to be a sort of sexed-up Rear Window. Here, however, voyeurism is not so much subtext as designer-look apparel trimmed with chic post-feminist accessories. Though based on an Ira Levin novel, the movie is essentially just another variation on Joe Eszterhas's rudimentary 'psychotic fuck' scenarios.


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Phillip Noyce
Joe Eszterhas
Sharon Stone
William Baldwin
Tom Berenger
Polly Walker
Colleen Camp
Martin Landau
CCH Pounder