Slo con Tu Pareja

THE NAKED AND THE WELL READ Cacho covers up with the news.
THE NAKED AND THE WELL READ Cacho covers up with the news.

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Mexican director Alfonso Cuarn vaulted to international acclaim with his 2001 feature, Y Tu Mam Tambin, about two horny teens on a road trip with an alluring married woman. But Cuarn had been making films for a decade; now American audiences can see his first feature, Slo con Tu Pareja, which never played here. Though it’s not as rich or as accomplished a film as Y Tu Mam (and doesn’t have the Hollywood budget of Cuarn’s 2004 Harry Potter installment), it’s a fizzy comedic romp that holds up well.

Toms (Cacho, from Bad Education) is a charming Don Juan who works for an ad agency but expends most of his energy in bedding the eligible (and ineligible) ladies of Mexico City. In one of the film’s early set pieces, Toms simultaneously entertains a glamorous nurse (Liubomirova) and, at a neighbor’s, his oversexed female boss (Benet). While traversing the outdoor ledge between apartments (in a towel, of course), he peers in on Clarisa (Ramrez), a dewy young flight attendant. Toms falls for Clarisa; the nurse, learning of his deception, gives him a false-positive HIV test result, and complications—none too dire—ensue. All of it is scored to Mozart, whose tolerant, cheerful genius presides. (Now playing; IFC Center.) — Tom Beer



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