Slow Moves


Time Out says

Jost has supplied his audience with plenty of reasons for avoiding this film. He freely admits that its characters make a pair of Mike Leigh marrieds look like Fun with Dick and Jane, and that the usual narrative trappings - backgrounds, personalities, events, causality - are obscured, that the film parts with its secrets only grudgingly. But with that established, it becomes a fascinating, oddly gripping, and often visually stunning film. It's not unlike a Peter Greenaway mystery translated to the dry, dusty heartland of Malick's Badlands, although here the emphasis is on spiritual paralysis rather than Greenaway's elegant intellectual conceits. It does have a similar wit - sly games with camera angles, image, dialogue and cliché - but unravelling them yourself is half what the movie is about. Jost's story of two charmless no-hopers, drifting through life without reason or direction, might sound like pure valium, but the gradual seepage of narrative turns it into all manner of movies.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Jon Jost
Geoffrey Rotwein
Debbie Krant
Roxanne Rogers
Marshall Gaddis
Barbara Hammes
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