Slumber Party '57


Time Out says

A film for those for whom the spoken bits of Shangri-La's tracks strike a special chord. Six high school girls decide to have a slumber party, and clad in baby-doll shorty pyjamas they swap stories about their romances ('Did you really go all the way?'). The characters of the girls are nicely contrasted, and signs of the times are inserted into the dialogue like neon billboards ('Hey, give me back my hula hoop!'). As an exercise in nostalgia it never attempts the solidity of American Graffiti, but its lack of pretension and soundtrack backing of key tracks from the period (Paul and Paula, Big Bopper, Jerry Lee Lewis) make it rather winning entertainment.

By: VG


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

William A Levey
Frank Farmer
Janet Wood
Debra Winger
Rainbeaux Smith
Noelle North
Bridget Holloman
Mary Ann Appleseth
Rafael Campos
Will Hutchins
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