Small Time Crooks

Film, Comedy
Small Time Crooks

Time Out says

Unusually broad but often very amusing, Allen comedy in which he plays against type as a none too bright petty thief, who leads a gang of dim lowlifes in a plot to tunnel into a jeweller's from a neighbouring property disguised as his wife's cookie store. Inevitably, the heist fails, but the cookies take off, bringing belated fame and fortune to Allen, wife Ullman and the rest of the team. So far, so funny, but once Ullman, keen to (im)prove herself as a culture vulture, begins neglecting unambitious spouse in favour of art collector Grant, the plot becomes rather more predictable and, regrettably, moralistic. Even this late, however, Elaine May's performance as a near moronic cousin continues to delight.

By: GA


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Tony Darrow
Hugh Grant
George Grizzard
Jon Lovitz
Elaine May
Michael Rapaport
Elaine Stritch
Tracey Ullman
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