Film, Comedy

Time Out says

An outrageous satire on the in-fighting which ensues among four possible successors when the chairman of a milk cooperative disappears down the drain of a vat. Undeniably funny, intermittently at least, as it flails wildly at every conceivable target from church and army to sex and snobbery, in the hope of offending everybody. With all the characters despicable in one way or another, the aim is evidently Swiftian. But since much of the direction is dismayingly crude ('Your life...' one character starts to say - sound of family squabble starting up - 'is filled with love'), and since most of the cast tart up their caricatures with grotesquely unfunny accents, the effect as often as not is of a Gallic Carry On.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Jean-Pierre Mocky
Jean-Pierre Mocky
Francis Blanche
Elina Labourdette
Claude Mansard
Gérard Hoffmann
Noél Roquevert
Henri Poirier
Jacques Dufilho
Michel Lonsdale
Véronique Nordey
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