So Little Time


Time Out says

A World War II movie set in Occupied Belgium which has a marginally unusual plot. It's about a good German officer, Colonel von Hohensee (Goring), who is appointed military governor of Brussels, and falls in love with a Belgian girl, Nicole (Schell). After a time, Nicole is approached by the gangster-type Resistance movement and told to steal some documents, but she finds Hohensee considerably more sympathetic... There were protests when the movie first came out, and it's certainly refreshing to find this kind of inversion (Nazi humanitarian versus cruel 'freedom fighters') in a British film, even though it remains on a naïve level.

By: DP


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Compton Bennett
John Cresswell
Maria Schell
Marius Goring Gabrielle Dorziat
Barbara Mullen
John Bailey
Lucie Mannheim Harold Lang
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