So Much So Fast

YOU LOOKIN' AT ME? Heywood faces his fears.
YOU LOOKIN’ AT ME? Heywood faces his fears.

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The title of this poignant doc refers to the lives of its two subjects after one is diagnosed with a paralyzing neurological disorder: Stephen Heywood, 29, copes with the onset of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) by proposing to his girlfriend and fathering a son, while his headstrong brother, Jamie, establishes a guerrilla-science foundation to research treatment for the disease, considered not profitable enough for drug companies to invest in a cure. Though Steven Ascher’s narration tends to state the obvious, the film’s candid depiction serves as a sap-free testament to the power of a family’s resilience--and of a $26,000 wheelchair. (Now playing; Village East.)—Erin Clements



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