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Time Out says

Celeste (Field) is getting all the awards for her performance in a tacky daytime soap, 'The Sun Also Sets', and the rest of the cast naturally despise her. Meanwhile, co-star Montana (Moriarty) teases the producer (Downey) with seductive talk; and in a bid to sabotage Celeste's character in the soap, these two scheme to bring back Celeste's real-life ex-lover (Kline), last seen in the series minus his head. His arrival leaves the star teetering between rage and insanity; and when his charm snares Celeste's actress niece (Shue), the trio start to enact genuine dramas live on the air. Nothing succeeds like excess, this comedy would have us believe. But the thwarted egos, rampant libidos, and starry cast - while wonderful at first - begin to look frayed around half-way through.

By: CM


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Hoffman
Robert Harling, Andrew Bergman
Sally Field
Kevin Kline
Robert Downey Jr
Whoopi Goldberg
Carrie Fisher
Cathy Moriarty
Teri Hatcher
Paul Johansson
Elizabeth Shue
Garry Marshall
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