Soft Beds, Hard Battles


Time Out says

A wretchedly titled offering in the Boulting Brothers' compulsively satirical vein, largely set in a brothel in occupied Paris, with Kedrova and Jürgens typecast as the sentimental madame and a friendly German officer, and the gorgeous Béatrice Romand wasted as Madame's innocent niece. But its raison d'être is Peter Sellers, back in brilliant form as six variations on blinkered authority, including Hitler and a De Gaulle-ish French general, but particularly as the Gestapo chief Schroeder, limping-cum-strutting from disaster to disaster, an extraordinary amalgam of Dr Strangelove and Fred Kite. Worth a visit for Sellers and one classic joke about a PoW.

By: SG


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Boulting
Leo Marks, Roy Boulting
Peter Sellers
Lila Kedrova
Curt Jürgens
Béatrice Romand
Jenny Hanley
Françoise Pascal
Gabriella Licudi
Rula Lenska
Timothy West
Thorley Walters
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