Some Girls

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Michael (Dempsey) arrives in Quebec to spend Christmas with his girlfriend (Connelly), but no sooner has he stepped through the imposing door of the family mansion than she tells him she no longer loves him. Thus a chain of peculiar incidents is set in motion, with Michael an innocent among eccentrics. Dad (Gregory) is an intellectual who wanders the house naked, Mum (Bolkan) is a strict Catholic, Granny (Kedrova) mistakes Michael for her dead husband, and the sisters (Kelly, Greenfield) share a strange bond which translates into a common desire for their confused visitor. A number of interesting ideas are thrown up but never fully developed. Instead, we get teen comedy laden with plenty of Adult Atmosphere. To its credit, the film is well cast and boasts imaginative production design, but is neither particularly funny nor emotionally credible.

By: CM


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Hoffman
Rupert Walters
Patrick Dempsey
Jennifer Connelly
Sheila Kelley
Lance Edwards
Lila Kedrova
Florinda Bolkan
André Gregory
Ashley Greenfield
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