Somebody Up There Likes Me


Time Out says

A disappointing biopic of Rocky Graziano, East Side delinquent turned World Middleweight Champion. The trouble is that Wise forsakes the terse economy and unpretentious naturalism of The Set-Up for a rather straggling narrative which spends far too long throwing up mildly socially-conscious observations about poverty, and trying to turn the whole thing into a movie with a message about hope and determination. It's still not that bad a film, however. Newman's performance, though inflected by Method mannerisms, is powerful, and Joseph Ruttenberg's photography keeps the atmosphere sleazy and strong. Perhaps the main problem is the fact that it is a biopic, thus demanding an uplifting ending which seems to go against the grain of the romantic pessimism that governs the boxing genre.


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Wise
Ernest Lehman
Paul Newman
Pier Angeli
Everett Sloane
Sal Mineo
Eileen Heckart
Robert Loggia
Harold J Stone
Steve McQueen
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