Someone Like You…


Time Out says

Jane Goodale (Judd) is a talent-booker, her job to 'get the ungettable' guest for demanding daytime talk-show host Diane (Barkin). Charming exec producer Ray (Kinnear) is coming on strong to Jane, but just as they're about to sign on a spectacular love nest, he cools, inexplicably. Heartbroken and homeless, she moves in with womanising workmate Eddie (Jackman), who provides an unusually sympathetic shoulder as well as an excellent case study for her ensuing analysis of male amatory patterns. When best friend and serial dater Liz (Tomei), editor of a men's magazine, persuades Jane to write a pseudonymous column expounding her ideas, before long she's become that 'ungettable' guest for Diane's show. Recalling Bridget Jones and TV's Sex and the City, the protagonist's emotional crises provide the plotline, and there's even a voice-over. Unlike its models, however, it's neither clever nor that funny, the starry cast is underused, and the potential for a much wittier script never fulfilled.

By: JFu


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Goldwyn
Elizabeth Chandler
Ashley Judd
Greg Kinnear
Hugh Jackman
Marisa Tomei
Ellen Barkin
Laura Regan
Catherine Dent
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