Something Like Happiness

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Set in a bleak Bohemian town, liberally scattered with broken down cars and half-ruined industrial installations, this sympathetic, affecting drama outlines the unorthodox love affair of two fellow apartment block residents (Tonik and Monika), thrown together by their friendship with a third, the mentally unstable Dasa (Geislerová). Liska is excellent as the gentle Tonik who matches the betrothed Monika in selflessness as they share the burden of looking after Dasa two young children as Dasa’s behaviour deteriorates. Writer/director Sláma shows considerable adeptness in tonal control, melding quite seamlessly the  social and emotional concerns of his observant script.



Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Bohdan Sláma
Bohdan Sláma
Tatiana Vilhelmová
Pavel Liška
Anna Geislerová
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