Something to Believe In


Time Out says

A jaw-dropping amalgam of syrupy romance, terminal illness, divine intervention and classical music. McNamara plays an American pianist whose improvisatory flair shocks the Paris Conservatoire, but who may still secure a concert career if he wins the Barbarina competition in Naples. Pitillo is a Las Vegas croupier forced to quit her job after diagnosis of fatal disease. Her sole hope lies in travelling to an Italian village church where a weeping Madonna has prompted talk of miracle cures. Guess who she bumps into? This sets up a finale that works in the redemptive power of love over mortality, Lalo Schifrin's Piano Concerto performed on live TV watched by the entire world, and the hand of the Almighty Himself.

By: TJ


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

John Hough
John Goldsmith, John Hough
William McNamara
Maria Pitillo
Tom Conti
Maria Schneider
Ian Bannen
Robert Wagner
Jill St John
Roddy McDowall
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