Sometimes a Great Notion

Paul Newman in Sometimes a Great Notion
Photo: Universal Pictures/Photofest Paul Newman in Sometimes a Great Notion

Time Out says

Taken on by Newman half way through (the film was started by Richard A Colla), the surprising thing about this adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel is that it holds together at all: a drama about a family of independent lumberjacks, ruled over by Henry Fonda's biblical father, whose unity is shattered by the arrival of a wayward son (Sarrazin) in the midst of a dispute with other (striking) loggers. If the struggle within the family too quickly degenerates into hand-me-down Tennessee Williams dramatics, Newman's handling of the outdoor scenes, especially those involving work, is - like his own acting - restrained but powerfully evocative.


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Newman
John Gay
Richard Jaeckel
Michael Sarrazin
Paul Newman
Lee Remick
Linda Lawson
Henry Fonda
Cliff Potts
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