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Seven years after leaving to fight in the Civil War, Jack Sommersby (Gere) returns to his wife (Foster), son and Tennessee home a changed man. Formerly a brute and none-too-successful plantation owner, he credits his much-improved personality to what he learned from a fellow PoW, now dead. But is he Jack? The doubt, strongest in his wife's mind but also entertained by the community, is swept aside, thanks to the happiness and prosperity he brings. But accusations of murder are less easily ignored... This sumptuous Hollywood remake of The Return of Martin Guerre is better than one might expect (though Jack comes over as far too much the modern New Man: sensitive hubby, visionary businessman, committed to racial equality, etc). The solid script makes the most of the dilemmas and paradoxes of the couple's predicament; Philippe Rousselot's photography manages to be lyrical without becoming too cloyingly picturesque; and surprisingly (the only surprise in this craftsmanlike but unremarkable movie), it doesn't cop out at the end.

By: GA


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Jon Amiel
Nicholas Meyer, Sarah Kernochan
Richard Gere
Jodie Foster
Bill Pullman
James Earl Jones
Lanny Flaherty
William Windom
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