Song of the Road


Time Out says

Artless and soft-centred it may be, but Baxter's movie has great symptomatic interest, and its celebration of decency and kindness seems unusually heartfelt. Williams plays a redundant council worker who takes to the road with his beloved cart-horse Polly. His adventures with a travelling fair and then as a farmworker suggest a middle-aged Cockney Shane, sorting out people's problems, giving the villain a pasting, then moving on. Some irksome comic business betrays Baxter's music hall origins, but you don't expect such extensive location work in a British film of this vintage, nor to encounter the matter-of-course assumption that war is just around the corner.


Release details

71 mins

Cast and crew

John Baxter
Gerald Elliott, HF Maltby, Geoffrey Orme
Bransby Williams
Muriel George
Tod Slaughter
Percy Parsons
Peggy Novak
Fred Schwartz
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