Sons of the Desert


Time Out says

One of the very finest Laurel and Hardy features, and certainly the most typical in terms of plot and characterisation, this sees the pair as henpecked husbands who manage to fulfil their dream of attending an absurdly infantile, riotous convention (held by the eponymous fraternity) only by lying to their wives; the trouble inevitably is that the girls discover their deceit, thus turning L & H's return into a nightmare of flattery, feigned innocence, and farcical intrigue. Despite Ollie's inimitable slow burn whenever confronted by Stanley's whimpering idiocy. the film is far faster than most of their features, while the duo's essentially childish amiability is beautifully contrasted both with the down-to-earth if somewhat aggressive maturity of their spouses, and with the ghastly mischief wrought by Chase's ever-effervescent convention regular.


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