Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

This micro-budget variation on Ghost starts with a 'fatal' car crash, following which Natalia (Schilling), her old flame Zach (Thomsen), and bad boy Brad (Shark) are caught in limbo between life and death. Invisible to others and unable to influence events around them, they are pursued by 'Soultaker' (Estevez), racing against time to reunite their displaced souls with their barely living bodies. Rissi's uneven direction and cheapo special effects are no match for actor/writer Vivian Schilling's neatly turned script, but the film as a whole pays off nicely.

By: NF


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Rissi
Vivian Schilling
Vivian Schilling
Gregg Thomsen
David Shark
Joe Estevez
Jean Reiner
David Fawcett
Chuck Williams
Robert Z'Dar
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