South Central


Time Out says

Writer/director Anderson's debut feature is a parable - punching its message home - about the enormous effort required from within the poor black community to break the cycle of violence in South Central Los Angeles. When Bobby (Plummer) is released from jail, he finds things have changed in the 'hood: friend Ray (Minns) has turned their gang into a drug ring, while his 'bitch' Carole (Shelby) is neglecting the baby born while he was inside. Torn between paternal instinct and peer pressure, Bobby is cajoled into murder; back behind bars, he undergoes a miraculous conversion. Low on directorial inspiration, but more relevant and resonant than much of the big-budget white trash churned out by Hollywood.

By: CO'S


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson
Glenn Plummer
Carl Lumbly
Byron Keith Minns
LaRita Shelby
Christian Coleman
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