Space Truckers

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Stuck in a dead-end job trucking square pigs across the galaxy for Interpork, John Canyon (Hopper) is happy enough to agree to ferry a one-off cargo of 'sex dolls' to Earth for a black market contractor. For one thing, it'll mean he can give his girlfriend Cindy (Mazar) a lift back to the home planet in time for her mum's operation; for another, if he can meet his delivery deadline, he's promised five times his standard wages - not bad, given that the company doesn't pay him anyway. But Canyon doesn't realise that he'll actually be ferrying a cargo of new-fangled killer Bio-Mechanical Warriors to kick-start corporate head EJ Saggs' plans for universal conquest. Director Gordon's sci-fi comedy, a dystopian spoof, comes across as a toytown Alien-cum-Total Recall pastiche. Bright, brash and occasionally almost amusing, perhaps, but also a waste of space.

By: NB


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Stuart Gordon
Ted Mann
Dennis Hopper
Stephen Dorff
Debi Mazar
George Wendt
Vernon Wells
Barbara Crampton
Shane Rimmer
Charles Dance
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