Spaced Invaders


Time Out says

A half-hearted, plagiaristic kids' sci-fi comedy, featuring one amusing idea which woefully fails to sustain an entire movie. After receiving a pasting from the neighbouring Arcturians, a disoriented Martian warship mistakenly intercepts a Halloween-night radio broadcast of War of the Worlds from Earth. Believing their comrades to be industriously trashing the humans, Captain Bipto and his crew - little green men with antennae - proceed swiftly to Earth to join the invading forces, only to be met with derision by the locals who, mistaking them for children in fancy dress, enlist them for a trick-or-treat party. Despite the neat comic inversion of its central premise (this time it's the spacemen who are taken in by Welles' classic hoax), the film soon comes a cropper as the chaotic script descends into a mêlée of limp and disjointed knockabout gags.


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