Spanish Fly

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Dire comedy which doubles as a series of plugs for an underwear company. It's clearly intended as entertainment for the businessman - all the jokes are about impotence and gins-and-tonics - and it's shot mainly in close-up, like a TV show. Here's the plot: desperate for some dough to preserve his lavish life-style in sun-kissed Minorca, Sir Percy de Courcy (Terry-Thomas) buys up all the local plonk, having discovered that mixing it with ground-up flies produces a powerful aphrodisiac. So when fashion photographer Mike Scott (Phillips) descends on the island with a bevy of beautiful models, the fun comes fast and furious. But what's this? An unpleasant side-effect whereby everyone drinking the wine starts barking like a dog? Whoops...

By: AN


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Kellett
Robert Ryerson
Leslie Phillips
Graham Armitage
Frank Thornton
Ramiro Oliveros
Sue Lloyd
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