Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Live-action cartoon about a cape. It's a big cape, smooth, crimson and graceful, and it belongs to Spawn (White) who, having died, has unwittingly sold his soul to the Devil, who reckons the ex-assassin will lead his army to the Gates of Heaven. In return, Spawn gets a metallic body armour-cum-armoury, with matching cape. Now he can fly, form an impenetrable cocoon or disappear. He can even provide fancy cuts between scenes. Admittedly, that's a simplified analysis: you could argue the subject's a hunchbacked clown (Leguizamo), Satan's henchman, who, having tired of spewing out grim jokes, morphs into a monstrous dog-beast. In future, Dippé, an old SFX hand, needs to think about how to tell a story, rather than merely throw together elements of Batman, Blade Runner, Star Wars and James Bond.

By: NB


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Mark AZ Dippé
Alan McElroy, Mark AZ Dippé
John Leguizamo
Michael Jai White
Martin Sheen
Theresa Randle
Melinda Clarke
Miko Huges
Nicol Williamson
DB Sweeney
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