Spider Man – The Dragon's Challenge

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Min Lo Chan (Fong), Minister for Industry and Development in the People's Republic of China, visits New York editor Jonah Jameson (Simon) for help in clearing himself of the charge that he sold secrets about Mao's advancing army to US Marines during World War II. And Jameson enlists Peter Parker (Hammond), in reality superhero Spider-Man. Kung-fu and an acupuncture cure (when Spider-Man gets wounded) are both mooted, but when the moment arrives to deliver, the camera weasels out. And sad to say, there's a complete lack of the slight but delightful political savvy that redeemed Spider-Man Strikes Back.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Don McDougall
Lionel E Siegel
Nicholas Hammond
Robert F Simon
Ellen Bry
Chip Fields
Myron Healey
Rosalind Chao
Richard Erdman
Benson Fong
Ted Danson
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