Square Dance


Time Out says

Petrie's handling of this odd, faintly moralistic tale is at best sickly, at worst sick. Teenage Bible-basher Gemma (Ryder) abandons her crotchety grandfather (Robards) to join her loose-living mother (Alexander). Horrified to discover that Mom likes to get poked by the local cowpokes, Gemma strikes up a loving, innocent bond with hunky, mentally deficient Rory (Lowe), until an enthusiastic floozie introduces him to more stimulating games and Gemma catches them in the act. Rory, in vague remorse, viciously attacks his offending member (yeuch!), while Gemma hightails it back to Dullsville. Alexander and Ryder's intelligent performances are upstaged by Lowe, who comes across like rampant beefcake on valium. Ultimately, though, Petrie's twee vision of Midwest life kills the film - it's so cotton-pickin' clichéd. The Waltons with willies.

By: EP


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Daniel Petrie
Alan Hines
Jason Robards
Jane Alexander
Winona Ryder
Rob Lowe
Deborah Richter
Guich Koock
Elbert Lewis
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