Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A Cockney flower girl (Balfour) falls in love with a policeman (Holloway) after he saves her from an oncoming car. But her inveterate gambler of a dad (Harker) is in trouble with the law. A cheerful enough British comedy with surprisingly high production values, this none the less seems like a film out of time. Its star is reprising a role she first performed in 1921 in a play by Clifford Seyler and George Pearson. Inevitably, the years tell. Judging by all the singalongs, the film-makers are trying to pass her off as London's answer to Gracie Fields. Unfortunately Britain's one time 'Queen of Happiness' has long since passed her sell by date.


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Henry Edwards
Michael Hogan, H Fowler Mear
Betty Balfour
Gordon Harker
Stanley Holloway
Margaret Yarde
Morris Harvey
Michael Shepley
Ronald Shiner