Film, Horror

Time Out says

Often so bad that you have to laugh. Reckoning that snakes will be among the creatures to survive the imminent ecological holocaust, Dr Carl Stoner attempts to turn his unsuspecting assistant David into a King Cobra. Complications arise when the boy falls for Stoner's daughter, but by the time she's twigged that the snake man in a circus sideshow is a former assistant to her father, David's no more than a cobra being chewed up by a mongoose. A complete mess, with biblical references (for some reason the central love story parallels the Fall), hallucinatory sequences, laboured borrowings, and moronic direction, yet quite enjoyable in its rubbishy way. Nice performance from Strother Martin as the doctor, plus some good special effects.

By: CPe


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Bernard L Kowalski
Hal Dresner
Strother Martin
Dirk Benedict
Heather Menzies
Richard B Shull
Tim O'Connor
Jack Ging
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