St Ives

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Neither Houseman's presence as the criminal mastermind, nor Lucien Ballard's crisp photography can rescue this routine thriller from the implausibilities of script (from a novel by Ross Thomas, writing as Oliver Bleeck) and heavy-handed direction. Bronson seems tired from the start as the ex-crime reporter turned would-be novelist who gets involved in a simple theft that escalates into murder and large-scale robbery. Though the script is larded with post-Watergate cynicism - the caper is the stealing of an American electronics firm's huge bribe to an Arab oil sheik, and all the cops but one are corrupt - the film consistently skirts the issues it raises, however obliquely, preferring instead such time honoured clichés as the cutaway to Bisset looking glamorous/mysterious or Bronson looking muscular/brooding for its resolutions.

By: PH


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

J Lee Thompson
Barry Beckerman
Robert Englund
Jeff Goldblum
Burr De Benning
Elisha Cook
Harris Yulin
Jacqueline Bisset
Charles Bronson
Maximilian Schell
Harry Guardino
John Houseman
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