Film, Drama

Time Out says

Enjoyable attempt at the impossible task of reflecting the whole sprawl of '60s British pop through the rise and fall of one rock star. Ray Connolly's script for this sequel to That'll Be the Day functions on numerous levels: as a piece of nostalgia for over 25s; as wish fulfilment for Essex's teenage fans, in which he becomes the greatest rock'n'roll singer in the world; and, God help us, as a would-be art movie, with its central relationship between Essex's singer and roadie Adam Faith more than reminiscent of The Servant. The script is at its best when knocking the stuffing out of the music industry and its myths, less successful when asking us to believe in the fictional achievements of its central character (3,000,000 fans and a Time magazine cover). Best are Adam Faith, Keith Moon's anarchic performance, and Dave Edmunds' music.

By: CPe


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Apted
Ray Connolly
David Essex
Adam Faith
Larry Hagman
Ines Des Longchamps
Rosalind Ayres
Marty Wilde
Ed Byrnes
Keith Moon
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