Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Ernie Blick (Gordon) whiles away his time in a crucifix factory collecting the assembly line cock-ups. His mind, however, is far away, on the invention he is perfecting in his motel room, which he hopes will give people a vision of heaven. All very weird and amiable in a Capraesque way, until frustration sets in, and Ernie hijacks a bus and demands local air-time in order to publicise his invention. If the film is about the different ways in which people seek to believe, then it is not held down by any preaching or heavyweight message; it's all far too open-ended, optimistic and humorous for that. Its very unclassifiability is its strength. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Romanek
Keith Gordon, Mark Romanek
Keith Gordon
Amanda Plummer
Bob Gunton
Lily Knight
Barton Heyman
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