Steal Big, Steal Little


Time Out says

Double trouble, take two. Garcia is Reuben, who runs an organic farm as a collective for South American immigrants; and Garcia is Robert, who's trying to steal the land out from under their feet, to convert it into a holiday ranch for businessmen. Reuben wears natty collarless shirts and a Boho leather waistcoat, while Robert sports garish cowboy suits and a ten-gallon hat. Director Davis paid his dues making disreputable action films with Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris, before graduating to reputable action films with Harrison Ford. But while this reveals a hitherto latent Marxist tendency, it lacks any of the distinctive qualities the director brought to his genre work: the powerhouse narrative drive, unsentimental intelligence and brusque humour. Sincerely philanthropic, predictably dismal.

By: TCh


Release details

134 mins

Cast and crew

Andrew Davis
Lee Blessing, Andrew Davis, Jeanne Blake, Teresa Tucker-Davies
Alan Arkin
David Ogden Stiers
Holland Taylor
Ally Walker
Joe Pantoliano
Kevin McCarthy
Rachel Ticotin
Andy Garcia
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