Stealing Home


Time Out says

Down-at-heel baseball pro Harmon returns home when he learns that his childhood sweetheart Foster has killed herself. It's up to him to dispose of her ashes. Lame melodrama, pitched firmly at the emotions, which comes complete with syrupy music and excruciating flashback sequences. The baseball references are hardly an integral part of the story, but seem to have been tagged on to ensure a punchy title. Foster's intense, heartfelt, and entirely humourless performance as the young rebel with the death wish just about takes the movie to first base.

By: GM


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Steven Kampmann, Will Aldiss
Steven Kampmann, Will Aldis
Mark Harmon
Jodie Foster
Blair Brown
William McNamara
Harold Ramis
Jonathan Silverman
Richard Jenkins
John Shea
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