Steve Earle: Just an American Boy


Time Out says

Shoddy, incoherent portrait of the excellent country rocker/political activist, filmed during his 'Jerusalem' tour of 2002, when Earle was in the news for his song 'John Walker's Blues', told in the voice of American Taliban John Walker Lindh. While Earle's performances speak for themselves, Poe's Attention Deficit Disorder documentary throws in a raggletaggle crew of talking heads and recycles all those sad old music film clichés we thought Spinal Tap had done for. It establishes, for example, that Earle's first play was in production at the time, but we learn next to nothing about what it is or how it's received, nor is there any interrogation of the man's politics.

By: TCh


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94 mins

Cast and crew

Amos Poe
Amos Poe
Steve Earle
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