Sticky Fingers


Time Out says

Red-haired Lolly (Mayron, who co-wrote with Adams) and bleached-blonde Mattie (Slater) dress loudly and needle each other's neuroses. They busk for rent money, but squander it on hash delivered by streetwise dudette Diane (Devine), who leaves a mysterious green bag containing $1 million in their Manhattan pad. Threatened with eviction and then burgled, they're soon dipping into the stashed cash - and for less pressing purposes, like therapeutic shopping. Trouble starts when Diane returns, ruthless hoods on her heels. For the most part, Adams' debut is a lot of fun; she directs with a feel for the state of suspended adolescence induced by flat-sharing, and with an irreverent but affectionate eye for bohemian Manhattan that's supported by some intriguingly eccentric peripheral characters, notably the sublime Brennan's brassy landlady.

By: EP


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Catlin Adams
Catlin Adams, Melanie Mayron
Helen Slater
Melanie Mayron
Eileen Brennan
Loretta Devine
Christopher Guest
Carol Kane
Stephen McHattie
Danitra Vance
Shirley Stoller
Gwen Welles
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