Time Out says

Though a self-professed non-believer, Philadelphia hairdresser Frankie (Arquette) suffers visions and stigmata that include bleeding wrists and the illusion of being lashed with a whip. Confronted by this young woman, Vatican investigator Father Andrew Kiernan (Byrne) abandons his scepticism and risks all to protect her - especially after he discovers a tangential link to a secret gospel, possibly a contemporary record of Jesus' own words, that would undermine the worldly authority so jealously guarded by his boss, the devout but devious Cardinal Houseman (Pryce). In a subtler context, the fate of Arquette's confused, frightened victim might have invested the conflict between individual belief and institutional power with a human quality. But her affecting vulnerability is drowned out by a head-banging visual and aural assault that tries to batter us into submission. A full-blooded horror film, perhaps, but a cold-blooded one, too.

By: NF


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Rupert Wainwright
Tom Lazarus, Rick Ramage
Patricia Arquette
Gabriel Byrne
Jonathan Pryce
Nia Long
Enrico Colantoni
Dick Latessa
Thomas Kopache
Ann Cusack
Portia De Rossi
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