Stories from a Flying Trunk


Time Out says

Why does the idea persist that Hans Andersen's stories should still be enjoyed by children? These three tales are preciously middlebrow in appeal: a combination of choreography, live-action and stop-frame animation, contemporary in setting but frankly Victorian in spirit. A fey and sinister Andersen (Melvin) introduces sickly little episodes in which death and gloom are never far away. For example, in the middle episode, a poor Asian girl from Dickensian East End slums meets a crazed tramp who sends her up West, where she dies after imagining that she has seen the Queen (!).


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Christine Edzard
Christine Edzard
Murray Melvin
Ann Firbank
Tasneem Maqsood
John Tordoff
John Dalby
Johanna Sonnex