Stories of the Kronen


Time Out says

The Kronen being the club where 21-year-old Carlos (Botto) and his cronies go, night after night, to dance, get blasted, find a partner and generally do what bored, hedonistic middle-class kids do. Only Carlos is a little more hedonistic, bored, selfish, vain and irresponsible than the rest, so - this being a movie - a comeuppance is in the offing. Hackneyed, obvious and strangely dated, Armendariz' hyper-agitated film tells us nothing about flaming youth that we haven't heard many times before, and does so in such a relentless, repetitive way that its characters soon become irritating rather than figures we'd like to try and understand. Charmless stuff.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Montxo Armendariz
Montxo Armendariz
Juan Diego Botto
Jordi Molla
Nuria Prims
Aitor Merino
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