Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Stork is the nickname of a 6 foot 7 inch Walter Mitty with revolutionary leanings, who quits his secure job with General Motors to opt out in a flat full of frowning, culturally-aspiring colleagues. At the heart of Stork's freak behaviour, sick practical jokes, and constant fantasising, a vast timidity with women unfortunately lies. Stork is in fact more Adventures of Barry McKenzie; and if you were able to wheeze and giggle your way through that, you'll probably do the same with this totally appalling mess of dismal Aussie gags about beer and chundering.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Tim Burstall
David Williamson
Bruce Spence
Graham Blundell
Sean McEuan
Helmut Bakaitis
Jacki Weaver
Peter Green
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