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Time Out says

Stirring if slightly predictable study of the relationship between a Parisian psychotherapist (Bouchez) and an anonymous, seemingly mute patient (Jónsdóttir) given to violent tantrums that she alone in the clinic can control. When the woman disappears, the doctor follows her to Iceland, where there are different ideas about caring for the mentally ill. If the basic premise is a little over-familiar, there's no denying the excellence of the two lead performances, nor Anspach's ability to digress from the central story into fascinating byways.

By: GA


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Sólveig Anspach
Sólveig Anspach, Cecile Vargaftig, Pierre Erwan Guillaume, Roger Bohbot
Elodie Bouchez
Sigurlaug Jónsdóttir
Christophe Sermet
Baltasar Kormákur
Nathan Cogan
Ingvar E Sigurdsson
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