Straight Talk

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Scuzzy Chicago news-hound Jack Russell (Woods) is ordered to sniff out the truth about radio agony aunt Doctor Shirlee Kenyon (Parton). Shirlee isn't really a doctor, merely a simple country girl with a blouse full of straight-talkin', homespun advice. Russell's editor wants Shirlee nailed, and soon Russell's penis shares a similar goal. Sharply written by Craig Bolotin and Patricia Resnick, this sassy comedy has musical aspirations, with diphthong-clanging Dolly numbers offering a running (if unnecessary) commentary. But the film's success rests squarely upon the efficacy of the Woods-Parton double act, an amiable partnership of mismatched, seasoned troupers. Only in the third act, with its 'on-air confession' denouement, do things take a gushing, sentimental nosedive. Otherwise it's a tongue-in-cheek romp with far less hog-washing than you'd expect.

By: MK


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Barnet Kellman
Craig Bolotin, Patricia Resnick
Dolly Parton
James Woods
Griffin Dunne
Michael Madsen
Deirdre O'Connell
John Sayles
Teri Hatcher
Spalding Gray
Jerry Orbach
Philip Bosco
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