Film, Horror

Time Out says

Robert Bloch (Psycho) scripted this What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? rip-off which unleashes Crawford for another bout of unrestrained self-parody. She's an axemurderer, who's released after 20 years in an asylum and returns to daughter Baker, whereupon the old girl's hallucinations recur and (surprise!) the slayings begin again. Basically terrible, and there's another mask-ripping scene at the end, but Joan's fans will not be disappointed. No patented gimmicks from director William Castle this time though, because cinema managers had gotten sick of his cheap tricks.

By: TJ


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

William Castle
Robert Bloch
Joan Crawford
Diane Baker
Leif Erickson
Howard St John
John Anthony Hayes
Rochelle Hudson
George Kennedy
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