Street of Shame


Time Out says

Mizoguchi's final film is a grim but profoundly moving study of a group of prostitutes in Tokyo's red light district. While they go about their daily business, there are constant references to the anti-prostitution legislation which Parliament is debating. As is made clear, merely passing a law won't save the women. For whatever reasons they became prostitutes (money-related in every case), they can never escape the judgment passed on them by the repressive, patriarchal society which shunned them in the first place. The settings are a far removed from the medieval landscapes of Ugetsu or The Life of Oharu, but Mizoguchi's focus on the plight of his women characters is as intent and heart-rending as ever.

By: GM


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Kenji Mizoguchi
Masashige Narusawa
Machiko Kyo
Ayako Wakao
Aiko Mimasu
Michiyo Kogure
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