Streets of Fire

Film, Action and adventure
Streets of Fire

Time Out says

Continuing his love affair with movies that go bang in the night, Hill here gives us a futuristic rock fantasy which is, at heart, a Western. An itinerant soldier (Paré) returns to his home to discover that his former girlfriend, the local girl who's made it big in the rockbiz (Lane), has been kidnapped by a villainous street-gang. Cue for fisticuffs and fireworks as Paré, aided by a tough-talking female sidekick (Madigan), hikes over to the bad part of town and unlocks Ms Lane from the bed to which she's been handcuffed. Result? Showdown. Streets of Fire is fast and loud, with music from Ry Cooder and, perhaps misguidedly, Jim Steinman; it is also violent, though its violence lies not in the depiction of blood and entrails, but in the sheer energy and speed with which the dark and brooding images rush after one another. The message is that there is no message; if this isn't action cinema in its purest form, then it's pretty close.

By: RR


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Walter Hill
Walter Hill, Larry Gross
Rick Rossovich
Diane Lane
Michael Paré
Marine Jahan
Willem Dafoe
Elizabeth Daily
Rick Moranis
Amy Madigan
Richard Lawson
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
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