Strike Up the Band

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Don't be misled by the Berkeley credit - this is no girlie extravaganza. Rather, it's the second of those musical concoctions designed for the strident, irrepressible Rooney to dominate with Garland tagging along. Whiteman is once again offered as everybody's favourite uncle. High school big band theme, with Rooney determinedly whipping the school orchestra into a sensational swing band, and a rather sticky plot about raising funds for an operation. But the Roger Edens-Arthur Freed songs are just so-so, and Berkeley keeps a low profile except in the dizzily shot 'Do The La Conga' number. Title song is Gershwin.

By: SG


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Busby Berkeley
John Monks Jr, Fred Finklehoffe
Mickey Rooney
Judy Garland
Paul Whiteman
June Preisser
William Tracy
Larry Nunn
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