Strong Language


Time Out says

Talk is cheap, they say, and that's just as well for this British indie, a cheeky, amusing and intriguing faux vox-pop which very cleverly laces together some 16 interviews to camera from a varied range of London twenty-somethings. Matching various film and video stocks paced by an increasingly urgent electronic dance beat score, this deceptively natural earful of opinion is proof positive that ideas and energy can more than fill the holes that scant resources leave gaping. As the roll call of lift operators, the unemployed, video directors, fetish models, astrologers and the like offer their passionate views on indebtedness, cynicism, Oasis or clubbing, you initially wonder who's interviewing them and are they for real? But soon you are pulled in by the pure variety, humour and frankness of what they have to say. It is a tribute to director Rumley's writing that something real and recognisable comes across. It also teases that old conundrum about how fiction and documentary sometimes complete each other's work.

By: WH


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Rumley
Simon Rumley
Ricci Harnett
Kelly Marcel
Tania Emery
Julie Rice
Thomas Dyton
Robyn Lewis
Stuart Laing
Shireen Abdel-Moneim
Al Nedjari
Paul Tonkinson
Ruth Purser
Charlie De'Ath
Elaine Britten
Chris Pavlo
Kate Allenby
Colin Warren
David Groves
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