Suburban Commando

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

In this likeable kids' action-adventure, Hulk Hogan, the blond-maned, 6'7” World Wrestling Federation superstar, plays an intergalactic warrior, first seen traversing the universe in silver-plastic armour (the production design is self-consciously tacky), single-handedly saving planets from arch-villain Suitor (Ball). Dropped into 'stressed-out' suburban California when the crystals on his space-pod need recharging, he finds board and lodging - posing as a Frenchman - with a downtrodden wimp (Lloyd), his loopy wife (Duvall) and their kids. Most of the laughs come from watching the gentle giant learning to skateboard with the kids, taking video games 'for real', and the like. His intergalactic bounty-hunting enemies arrive, and Lloyd, his help enlisted, turns from wimp to hero. Directed with glee, from a fine tongue-in-cheek script, it should amuse boys and child psychologists of all ages.

By: WH


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Burt Kennedy
Frank Cappello
Hulk Hogan
Christopher Lloyd
Shelley Duvall
William Ball
Laura Mooney
Michael Faustino
Larry Miller
Tony Longo
JoAnn Dearing
Roy Dotrice
Dennis Burkley
Jack Elam
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