Suburban Mayhem


Time Out says

Goldman’s impassive, in-your-face and indeterminately ironic drama is loosely inspired by the Australian case of the Belinda Van Krevel, a serial killer’s sister who later confessed to soliciting the brutal murder of their father. Here the bad girl – a real femme fatale – is a feckless North Islander, Katrina (a convincing Emily Barclay, the tearaway from ‘In My Father’s Den’), Golden Grove’s most brazen slut, a disinterested mother with an overindulgent father (a fine Robert Morgan) and a near-incestuous relationship with a psychopathic brother who responds to an insult to her by cutting off the offender’s head with a samurai sword.

The director’s blackly humourous approach to the material is evident in his punctuating framing device – laughable media ‘interviews’ with the manipulative, calculating ‘bitch’ and other family members, following her heightened celebrity status following her father’s slaying – and his directing and dramatic skills are competent enough, but the film’s encouraging post-punk soundtrack and overall lack of critical comment or distance renders the film far too close to disposable exploitation movie for comfort.

By: Wally Hammond



Release details

Release date:
Friday January 26 2007
89 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Goldman
Alice Bell
Steve Bastoni
Anthony Hayes
Emily Barclay
Michael Dorman
Susan Prior
Genevieve Lemon
Robert Morgan
Mia Wasikowska
Laurence Breuls
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